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10 Reasons Why New Jersey is the Best State for Business

New Jersey is the best state in the country to do business. Where else can you find miles of coastline, sparkling lakes, and soaring mountains? Settle in next to 15 Fortune 500 companies? Take advantage of the most connected airports, highways, trains, and ports in the country? And have Choose New Jersey to help maximize your success, whether you’re relocating, …

Newark on the Rise: Tech Growth Revitalizes a Commercial and Cultural Hub

Newark has a rich history as a center of business and culture. The Gateway City is reclaiming that history, becoming one of the United States’ emerging locations to live, work, and play.  Newark is in a remarkable period of transformation as one of the most exciting places to do business in the country. The city is witnessing unprecedented growth in …

Indian companies find success and community in New Jersey

Indian culture has a home in New Jersey. Indians have planted roots, built communities, established businesses, and prospered in our state. This is not surprising, as New Jersey and India share a deep and long-standing cultural, educational, and economic connection. There is no better place in the United States to live, work, play, and build a business. New Jersey is …

New Jersey, the Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Still Leads in Manufacturing

New Jersey has a rich history as the birthplace of America’s industrialization. Paterson, also known as “The Industrial City,” is where Alexander Hamilton’s vision of harnessing the power of the Great Falls of the Passaic River to create a manufacturing hub in New Jersey came to life in the late 18th century. Years later, New Jersey is where the country’s …

New Jersey is a National eSports Hub

The eSports industry is a global phenomenon that brings together competitive gamers, many of whom have made careers out of gaming, to battle it out over popular video games. The industry, which has millions of players in the United States alone, is projected to surpass $1 billion in revenue by 2024. The U.S. eSports commercial market is the second largest …

New Jersey: a leading global life sciences hub

New Jersey’s position as a leading global life sciences hub is well established, with global pharmaceutical companies at the forefront of medical discoveries headquartered here, including Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Novartis. New Jersey is also home to a thriving innovation ecosystem of smaller, more nimble biotechnology companies that are taking root and finding the support to scale. …

Irish Companies are Finding a Second Home in New Jersey

Ireland is a small island with big ambitions. “The Land of Saints and Scholars” is a hotbed for innovation, reflected in its major presence in healthcare, life science, technology, and manufacturing. Despite its size, Ireland is an economic powerhouse, ranking second globally in GDP per capita in 2022. In New Jersey, known as the “State of Innovation,” Ireland has an …

NJIT is Shaping New Jersey’s Innovation Economy

Demand for highly-skilled STEM professionals is seemingly insatiable. One third of the entire U.S. economy is supported by science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs, and the expected growth of the workforce in the years ahead will certainly see that number rise, with nearly 800,000 new STEM occupations projected through 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. STEM occupations …

New Jersey Stands Tall as A Sports Betting Leader

In May 2019, New Jersey’s gaming industry celebrated becoming the largest home for sports betting in the United States, surpassing Nevada by $1.5 million ($318.9 million vs. $317.4 million). The State has continued to see incredible growth, shattering its own revenue records. For the past two years, New Jersey has been the top sports betting market in the U.S., bringing …


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