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Middlesex County, NJ: A Hub for AV and AI Technology

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, with leading innovations like autonomous technology and the internet of things (IoT), is driving future-forward companies to position themselves for success. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are enabling public transit operators to modify services and provide real-time information. Commuters can leverage data analytics to locate electric vehicle charging infrastructure, while planners can study near-miss crash situations utilizing high-resolution sensor …

5 Major Italian Food Companies Succeeding in New Jersey

The U.S. State of New Jersey is an international gateway for Italian food and beverage companies looking enter the North American market. From food processing and cold storage facilities to top global importers and corporate offices, New Jersey is the food capital of America. Over 1/3 of the major food firms in the U.S have a presence here. Companies can …

New Jersey’s Film Industry is Ready for Action

Comedic actor Adam Sandler and NBA star LeBron James are ready to take their talents to New Jersey. The upcoming Netflix film Hustle is co-produced by Happy Madison production company and SpringHill Entertainment, which was founded by James and friend Maverick Carter. In August and September 2021, filming commenced in Camden, NJ. The movie will star Newark, NJ native Queen …

Why New Jersey is Built for Hybrid Work

Long before the pandemic, the number of people working remotely has been trending upward. A Stanford study released in June 2020 found that rather than shifting to a 100% home-based workforce, many workers split their time, working a few days at home and spending the remainder in the office. The pandemic-fueled remote-work boom is driving many Americans to find larger, …

New Jersey’s Tech Industry Talent Pipeline

The State of New Jersey has been a national leader in education for years, from our quality public schools to our nationally recognized universities. Not only has New Jersey had the #1 public school system in the U.S. for two consecutive years, we also rank #1 for early childhood education. In 2019, The U.S. Department of Education ranked 9 New …

Top Reasons to Live & Work in New Jersey’s College Towns

New Jersey’s universities are nationally ranked and strategically located, offering students and alumni the best college experience with the most opportunities. Our State boasts the #1 University in the U.S.—Princeton University—and we’re also the #1 state for education at every level. Employers can hire prospective workers from New Jersey’s impressive higher education institutions, and our state’s college towns are hotbeds for top talent. Not only are our college towns …

New Jersey: A Hub for Education in Social Research and Data Analysis

In an era that emphasizes big data and evidence-based decision making, New Jersey is a leader in research and data analytics for social policy, private sector data consulting and research education. New Jersey’s close proximity to New York City makes it an ideal location for research organizations and data firms to set up their headquarters or open affiliated offices, and …

FDI in the United States & New Jersey’s Success

For the ninth consecutive year, the United States has been the top destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). The ranking, determined by the A.T. Kearney FDI Confidence Index, is the result of several positive business factors, including competitive tax rates, technological and innovation capabilities and R&D capabilities. The index uses primary data from a proprietary survey of 500 senior executives …

New Jersey’s Life Sciences Landscape: Accelerating Medical Breakthroughs

New Jersey is embracing the future of medicine and has a new identity as “The State of Innovation.” Evolving beyond our nickname as “The Medicine Chest of the World,” New Jersey is where disruptive startups grow and global companies on the forefront of next-generation therapeutics want to be. That’s why 13 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world …


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