Choose New Jersey opens office in Israel, strengthening economic relations in the Middle East

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New Jersey Stands Tall as A Sports Betting Leader

In May 2019, New Jersey’s gaming industry celebrated becoming the largest home for sports betting in the United States, surpassing Nevada by $1.5 million ($318.9 million vs. $317.4 million). The State has continued to see incredible growth, shattering its own revenue records. For the past two years, New Jersey has been the top sports betting market in the U.S., bringing …

Exploring Business Ecosystems in New Jersey

New Jersey is a global gateway to greatness and offers businesses a competitive advantage. While we welcome all companies in New Jersey, our key industries have the strongest presence here: technology, financial services, life sciences, logistics, food & beverage and clean energy. These key industries are propelled by New Jersey’s talent, strategic location and robust infrastructure. Several innovation epicenters and …

6 Factors to Consider During Site Selection

Site selection projects emerge because of several corporate circumstances and events. As a business leader, you might seek a new location for reasons such as entering a new market, increasing costs at your current location, lack of workforce, or regulatory changes, among others. Site selection only happens every so often, and you most likely do not have an internal team …

Coriell Institute for Medical Research: A Legacy of Innovation, A Future of Possibility

It’s an exciting time to be in the life sciences industry in New Jersey. As home to some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world, the Garden State truly has a legacy worth bragging about. But the smaller players in this space are just as important to the future of the state’s industry. The next Johnson & …

City Living in New Jersey: Newark and Jersey City Spotlight

New Jersey’s cities are centrally located, highly connected, and bustling with opportunity. New Jersey is the #4 most diverse U.S. state, and we are home to the #1 most culturally diverse city in the U.S., Jersey City. New Jersey is also the #1 state for education at every level, and our cities house a high density of top talent from …

Why Israeli Companies are Choosing New Jersey

Relatively similar in geographic size and population, both New Jersey and Israel are small but mighty. Nicknamed the “State of Innovation” and the “Startup Nation,” both share a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Home to the fourth largest Israel-born population and the fourth largest population of Israeli ancestry in the United States, New Jersey has longstanding ties to Israel. Israeli …

Middlesex County, NJ: A Hub for AV and AI Technology

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, with leading innovations like autonomous technology and the internet of things (IoT), is driving future-forward companies to position themselves for success. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are enabling public transit operators to modify services and provide real-time information. Commuters can leverage data analytics to locate electric vehicle charging infrastructure, while planners can study near-miss crash situations utilizing high-resolution sensor …

5 Major Italian Food Companies Succeeding in New Jersey

The U.S. State of New Jersey is an international gateway for Italian food and beverage companies looking enter the North American market. From food processing and cold storage facilities to top global importers and corporate offices, New Jersey is the food capital of America. Over 1/3 of the major food firms in the U.S have a presence here. Companies can …

New Jersey’s Film Industry is Ready for Action

Comedic actor Adam Sandler and NBA star LeBron James are ready to take their talents to New Jersey. The upcoming Netflix film Hustle is co-produced by Happy Madison production company and SpringHill Entertainment, which was founded by James and friend Maverick Carter. In August and September 2021, filming commenced in Camden, NJ. The movie will star Newark, NJ native Queen …


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