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NJ Gov. Phil Murphy On Trade Mission To India, Hoping To Bring Global Businesses To The Garden State

CBS New York

EDISON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is on a seven-day trade mission to India, hoping to entice global businesses to come to the Garden State.

On the list are Bollywood filmmakers, Murphy told CBS2’s Meg Baker via Facetime. He says he’s pitching producers to make more films in New Jersey.

“We’re focused, as I said, on the innovation economy, and it includes digital, movie and film,” Murphy said. “They already make some movies in New Jersey, but we would like to see them making a lot more.”

It’s more than just Bollywood. Murphy announced a permanent New Jersey representation office in New Delhi on Monday. The purpose of his trade mission is to cultivate international investment in New Jersey.

He estimates New Jersey is home to 400,000 Indian-Americans living in the state.

An area in Edison Township is known as Little India, lined with Indian restaurants, a new temple and more.

“A lot of good Indian restaurants here, a lot of good grocery stores. They’re all very helpful to each other, and business-wise it’s really nice,” small business owner Sadyal Sethi said.

Members of the community say more job opportunities will benefit their children and help them stay, live and work in the area.

“Forty percent, like, Asian-Indian population around here and very, very well-educated people,” Edison Township resident Harshad Patel said. “All Asian communities work hard to raise kids so they can go to college and get an education.”

Political analyst Jeanette Hoffman says in order for the government to be successful, he needs to focus on making the state more affordable.

“Our state is so expensive in terms of corporate taxes, in terms of real estate and in terms of labor costs, so while it’s a great goal to increase jobs in New Jersey, he really needs to look at the underlying reasons why businesses are not coming here in first place,” Hoffman said.

Murphy will visit six cities for more than 50 meetings with people from companies he would like to welcome in New Jersey.

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