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Ranking reveals best state to work from home: New Jersey


WalletHub, which is a leader in the niche industry of creating “best states to …” type of content, has crunched the numbers and determined that New Jersey is the best state to work from home.

WalletHub officials said it has used 12 key metrics, ranging from share of workers working from home, internet cost and cybersecurity — as well as factors such as how large and how crowded homes are in the state.

Together, these metrics show how feasible working from home is in terms of cost, comfort and safety, WalletHub officials say.

With an aggregate score of 66.75, New Jersey topped Washington, D.C. (64.29), Delaware (64.03), Connecticut (62.18) and Massachusetts (61.87) in the Top 5.

The bottom five included Arkansas (46.75), North Dakota (46.59), Montana (45.54), Mississippi (43.79) and Alaska (34.74).

See the complete list here.

Of course, all that really matters is if your particular company agrees.

Here’s how New Jersey ranked in some key categories:

No. 4: Households’ internet access;
No. 11: Share of potential telecommuters;
No. 12: Cybersecurity;
No. 21: Average home square footage;
No. 21: Share of population working from home;
No. 29: Internet cost.

Jill Gonzalez, an analyst at WalletHub, said internet access and speed were keys in the rankings.

“New Jersey is the best state for working from home due in part to the fact that the state provides a comfortable and affordable environment for working remotely, with nearly 97% of households having internet speeds above 25 megabytes per second,” she said. “In addition, New Jersey has the second-best access to low-priced internet plans in the country.

“Plus, New Jersey has one of the highest percentages of people who could potentially work from home, so many workers can take advantage of these good remote work conditions.”

Read the full article here.


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