Clean Energy

How renewable energy is powering New Jersey Water

While the sight of rooftop solar panels and expansive solar farms has become increasingly common, advancements in research and development in the U.S. have allowed for increased clean energy production here in New Jersey by utilizing available bodies of water, such as reservoirs.  

Offshore Wind 101: What to know about clean energy in New Jersey

Small but mighty, Stevens Institute of Technology is generating tech buzz — and leading major initiatives in research, curricula, and diversity

Exploring Business Ecosystems in New Jersey

New Jersey is a global gateway to greatness and offers businesses a competitive advantage. While we welcome all companies in New Jersey, our key industries have the strongest presence here: technology, financial services, life sciences, logistics, food & beverage and clean energy. These key industries are propelled by New Jersey’s talent, strategic location and robust infrastructure. Several innovation epicenters and …

What are New Jersey’s Major Industries?

Although New Jersey is the 4th smallest state in the country, it is also the most densely populated. Our communities are richly diverse and nearly one-third of all NJ business owners immigrated here from other parts of the world. Our commitment to foreign direct investment, R&D collaboration, and workforce development supports growth in key industry sectors, from life sciences and …

New Jersey: A Model For Clean Energy

New Jersey is proposing a win-win solution to accelerate economic growth and job opportunities while combating the climate crisis: investing in the clean energy industry, especially offshore wind and solar. The State has pledged to be 100 percent clean energy powered by 2050, but strides taken make New Jersey a clean energy leader now, an ambitious goal supported by the …

Montclair State University’s Internship Program Addresses Global Sustainability

Networks. Human capital. Tremendous technological resources. I was pleasantly surprised when I came back to New Jersey to find out how strong its innovation environment is. I expected to find collaboration between institutions of higher education and researchers. And I knew that our state is rich in talent. But I hadn’t counted on the amazingly strong and helpful networks that …

Forging our Clean Energy Future

Dubbed the “United States’ Hottest Clean Energy Economy” by Forbes, New Jersey is poised to become a national leader in mitigating the impacts of climate change through ambitious clean energy and energy storage targets. In pursuing its goal to rely entirely on renewable energy by 2050, the State is aligning its interests with those of industry. Nearly three quarters of …


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