Bloomfield College: Why we must protect PBIs at all costs

Bloomfield College is the only Predominantly Black Institution in New Jersey. “Predominantly Black Institution” is a term that’s not necessarily new to the higher ed landscape but is still not fully understood.

Survey: Irish companies show preference for expanding to New Jersey

The ties between New Jersey and Ireland seem most prominent around St. Patrick’s Day (for good reason!), but the reality is that with 1.3 million residents claiming Irish ancestry, New Jersey boasts an especially close bond with the Emerald Isle all year long. To further solidify that bond, Choose New Jersey opened the New Jersey Ireland Center — which services …

Newark on the Rise: Tech Growth Revitalizes a Commercial and Cultural Hub

Newark has a rich history as a center of business and culture. The Gateway City is reclaiming that history, becoming one of the United States’ emerging locations to live, work, and play.  Newark is in a remarkable period of transformation as one of the most exciting places to do business in the country. The city is witnessing unprecedented growth in …

New Jersey Supports BIPOC Entrepreneurs

New Jersey doesn’t just talk about diversity and inclusion. We live it every day. We are ranked as the #4 most diverse U.S. state. Jersey City is the #1 most culturally diverse city in America. It’s also the world leader for percentage of female startup founders. New Jersey embraces different perspectives and encourages new ideas. We support startups looking to …

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Locate in New Jersey

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, the State of New Jersey has it all. Our Northeast location provides unmatched access to key consumer markets. New Jersey’s robust transportation system makes it easy to move people and products around the world. We have one of the most highly educated, highly skilled workforces in the United …

Top 8 Reasons to Live in New Jersey

Why Do You Enjoy Living in New Jersey? Choosing the best place to start a family or run a business takes time and consideration. If New Jersey isn’t already on your radar, you’re missing out. This East Coast gem continues to attract individuals and families from across the globe looking for quality healthcare and education, exciting leisure activities, diverse geography, …

New Jersey’s Innovation Workforce Pipeline

New Jersey has the most STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) jobs per square mile in the United States. This is not surprising given innovation is a part of our DNA as New Jerseyans. From Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb to digital cellular networks built by Bell Labs engineers, we have a rich history of technological firsts. We are home …

New Jersey Entrepreneurs: Talented + Resilient

This is a challenging time for New Jerseyans, to say the least. For this New Jerseyan, the last few weeks have been marked by endless Zooms, a makeshift virtual elementary school in my dining room and conversations about the increasing panic about the state of small business and the start-up ecosystem. Last week, my friend Kacy Erdelyi sent me a …

5 Reasons to Choose Newark

In January, Choose New Jersey announced at our annual Board of Directors meeting that we would be moving our operations to Newark, NJ. Our office would be located on the same floor of One Gateway Center as the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA). This will give companies interested in New Jersey full access to our economic development team and …


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