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New Jersey: A Model For Clean Energy

New Jersey is proposing a win-win solution to accelerate economic growth and job opportunities while combating the climate crisis: investing in the clean energy industry, especially offshore wind and solar. The State has pledged to be 100 percent clean energy powered by 2050, but strides taken make New Jersey a clean energy leader now, an ambitious goal supported by the …

New Jersey’s Innovation Workforce Pipeline

New Jersey has the most STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) jobs per square mile in the United States. This is not surprising given innovation is a part of our DNA as New Jerseyans. From Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb to digital cellular networks built by Bell Labs engineers, we have a rich history of technological firsts. We are home …

Why Does Fintech Love NJ? Homegrown Talent

Fintech is rapidly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, banks, and businesses. It will dictate how our nation’s economy will grow. New Jersey companies such as IPC, Cognizant, Indecomm, and Cross River Bank are at the forefront of the fintech revolution. New Jersey’s key asset that attracts fintech companies is our workforce. As part of the #2 fintech …

A Biopharma Center Of Excellence Emerges In Newark, NJ

A BIOPHARMA CENTER OF EXCELLENCE EMERGES IN NEWARK, NJ New Jersey has a long history of innovation in the pharmaceutical space. In traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing, drugs are made by blending natural and chemical compounds, then packaged and delivered to patients across the world. In recent years, however, the state has become known for its biopharmaceutical activity. New Jersey companies and …

New Jersey + India: An Innovative Future

The State of New Jersey and India share a deep and long-standing cultural, educational and economic connection. Indian Americans are one of New Jersey’s fastest growing demographics and India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Major Indian companies TATA and Aurobindo have already made significant investments in New Jersey. Our strategic location in the middle of the Boston, …

Forging our Clean Energy Future

Dubbed the “United States’ Hottest Clean Energy Economy” by Forbes, New Jersey is poised to become a national leader in mitigating the impacts of climate change through ambitious clean energy and energy storage targets. In pursuing its goal to rely entirely on renewable energy by 2050, the State is aligning its interests with those of industry. Nearly three quarters of …

New Jersey BIO Buzz: A Global Hub for Discovery

The State of Innovation New Jersey has been fertile ground for innovation for nearly 150 years. Our state’s history of human ingenuity in life sciences includes Lloyd Conover, who invented antibiotic Tetracycline at Pfizer in 1952, and Sidney Pestka, the “Father of Interferon,” who began to develop interferon to treat hepatitis, multiple sclerosis and cancer at Hoffmann-La Roche in 1969. …

New Jersey Incubators Supporting Our Innovation Ecosystem

New Jersey Incubators Supporting Our Innovation Ecosystem Innovators recognize that transforming medical discoveries into life-saving drugs can be a challenging process that takes years, if not decades, from discovery to market. That is why when successful biopharmaceutical companies and prominent research universities support scientists and early-stage companies, they are ultimately supporting an innovation ecosystem that has the potential to accelerate medical breakthroughs …

Workforce + Innovation Make New Jersey a Perfect Fit for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

A Highly Specialized Workforce, Cutting Edge Innovation Make New Jersey a Perfect Fit for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing It should come as no surprise that biopharmaceutical companies from around the world are choosing to locate or expand their operations in New Jersey when it’s time to manufacture their medicines. Pharmaceutical manufacturing in New Jersey began more than 100 years ago and continues …


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