Cultivating Business among New Jersey, the U.A.E., and Israel

Presented by the U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council, Choose New Jersey, and the New Jersey-
Israel Commission

The U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council​, Choose New Jersey, and the New Jersey Israel Commission are pleased to invite you to attend a conversation ​at 2 PM ET on Wednesday, March 24th about emerging business opportunities among New Jersey, the U.A.E., and Israel. This virtual discussion will focus on new business, trade, and investment avenues in the wake of the historic Abraham Accords between Israel and the U.A.E.

The ​Abraham Accords normalized diplomatic, trade, and cultural ties between the U.A.E. and Israel in September of 2020. Significant new opportunities in the areas of healthcare, energy, high-tech, and logistics are quickly being consummated.

This webinar will provide the audience with an introduction to the U.A.E. in the region, including its strong political, security, and economic ties with the United States as well as its burgeoning ties with Israel. There have been significant opportunities for the U.S., U.A.E., and Israel to collaborate in many different areas​, from politics and security to business and culture. Speakers will provide insights on the U.A.E.’s business climate and possibilities for New Jersey and Israeli businesses to leverage the U.A.E.’s strategic location, world-class infrastructure, ease of doing business, quality of life, and culture of tolerance to serve as an export market and regional business hub.

​This webinar will also address the drivers of New Jersey’s economy and lay the groundwork for closer future engagements between the U.A.E., Israel, and the Garden State.

Please contact Ally Anderson at [email protected] in advance of the webinar should you have any questions, and please see below to register.

DATE: March 24, 2021

TIME: 2:00PM

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Speakers include:

Booni Cohavi, Consul for Cultural Affairs in North America, Consulate General of Israel in New York

Booni Cohavi
Consul for Cultural Affairs in North America
Consulate General of Israel in New York

The Honorable Tahesha Way, Secretary of State, State of New Jersey

The Honorable Tahesha Way
Secretary of State
State of New Jersey

His Excellency Abdalla Shaheen, Consul General, Consulate General of United Arab Emirates in New York

H.E. Abdalla Shaheen
Consul General
Consulate General of United Arab Emirates
in New York

Andrew Gross, Executive Director New Jersey-Israel Commission

Andrew Gross 
Executive Director
New Jersey Israel Commission

Mark Levenson, Chair, New Jersey Israel Commission

Mark Levenson
New Jersey Israel Commission

Jose Lozano, President & CEO, Choose New Jersey

Jose Lozano
President & Chief Executive Officer
Choose New Jersey

Danny Sebright, President, U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council

Danny Sebright
U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council


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