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2023 Website Redesign

Request for proposal (rfp) for website design

Choose New Jersey is accepting proposals from experienced website development companies to redesign its website ( The selected vendor will develop this project from concept to completion.

This request for proposal (RFP) will provide an overview of the bidding and evaluation procedure for all candidates to ensure a fair process.

The current Choose New Jersey website was designed in 2017. Our last homepage redesign took place in 2021.

We want to ensure our website has a mobile-forward design (MFD), is user-friendly with intuitive navigation (3 clicks or less), is visually pleasing (while adhering to Choose New Jersey’s brand guidelines), easy to manage with limited to no need for custom code development for Choose New Jersey staff to maintain, and quick to load (speed of 3 seconds or less).

RFP Website Redesign Submission Form


RFP Q&A Deadline: January 18, 2023

      Answers Provided: January 26, 2023

Proposals Due: February 6, 2023

Vendor Selection: February 2023

Desired Website Launch: May 2023

Project goals

Choose New Jersey is planning a website redesign to include an updated modern appearance and enhanced functionality. Upon completion of the project, Choose New Jersey will assume full responsibility for the website content maintenance and administration.

Our goal is to have a website redesign launched by May 2023.

Our vision for this website redesign is to have a platform that prominently showcases New Jersey as the ideal place to live, work, and play. We expect a robust user experience for this dynamic website which will also engage millions of users through an international advertising campaign. Our goal is to provide events and news updates, resources for businesses looking to expand or relocate to New Jersey, and information for board members and development prospects. We also aim to improve our in-house marketing team’s website management experience with editing and consistent branding.

Project Scope

Choose New Jersey is seeking the services of an experienced website development company to execute the website redesign and help elevate the Choose New Jersey branding utilizing top trends and best practices. The selected provider should establish, test, and refine the content management process according to the structure and needs of Choose New Jersey. Once the website has been completed and accepted by Choose New Jersey, the website design and all its contents, software and architecture become the property of Choose New Jersey. The website development project and website deliverable must include, at a minimum, the following MANDATORY elements:

  • A fully designed website that will be operational by May 2023.
  • A design process that the proposer leads in collaboration with Choose New Jersey to ensure the website (including the structure, content, and look and feel) optimally meets the needs of internal and external users (domestic and international business development prospects).
    •  A project schedule walk-through that outlines how the end goal of the redesign will be achieved.
  • Site must employ a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that enables fast and easy website content changes. We use WordPress and Elementor for our current website.
  • Update existing content for the new website.
  • Site should be easy to navigate, where information is grouped and presented logically with minimal levels needed for the user to find the desired information (3 clicks or less). The navigation design should complement the capabilities of touch-enabled mobile devices.
  • Site should be quick to load and operate (load at a speed of fewer than 3 seconds).
  • Site should be capable of video integration.
  • Incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and best practices for an SEO-friendly website design.
  • Integrate seamlessly with HubSpot for fast and clean marketing automation and forms for lead capture.
  • Testing the website on all applicable platforms to ensure that the website works and looks as promised, including an explanation of the testing plan.
  • An assigned project manager will be made available to present information and coordinate with Choose New Jersey staff, including a reasonable number of meetings (either in-person or via Zoom) to present design and development solutions.
  • Once the site has been completed and accepted by Choose New Jersey and our webmaster, the site will be maintained centrally by our marketing team.

Website Features and Functionality

  • Prioritize functionality, page view, and navigation on mobile-forward development (MFD).
  • Consistent user experience for mobile and desktop.
  • Integration of Google Translate.
  • Ability to create micro landing pages through a template for multiple initiatives.
  • Integrate seamlessly with HubSpot for fast and clean marketing automation and lead capture.
  • Integration of pop-ups and downloads through third-party tools.
  • Ability to handle multiple gated content downloads on site.
  • Utilization of clear call-to-action (CTAs) buttons throughout the site.
  • Ability to add content with different templates (ex: news articles, blogs, newsletters, events, press releases, webinars).
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to track and quantify site visits.
  • Must be compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • Clear, easy-to-use, intuitive, and consistent navigation scheme that lets users find what they want in three clicks or less.
  • Developed to meet all current federally mandated ADA access requirements.
  • Designed with a mix of text and graphics, allowing each page to load in a way that is acceptable to the typical user having an average 4G cellular connection (less than 3 seconds).

RFP guidelines

This is an open and competitive process. Proposals must be submitted in PDF format using the form on this page by February 6. Questions about the RFP can be submitted to Choose New Jersey at by January 18. Answers will be emailed to all candidates by January 26.

Proposals will be evaluated shortly after, and vendors may be contacted for additional information. Choose New Jersey will evaluate the proposal on the following criteria:

  • Quoted cost of the project
  • Relevant past experience and performance
  • Project timeline proposed
  • Examples/samples of successful projects

Choose New Jersey reserves the right to award the contract to the vendor that represents the best value to the business.

Vendor selection will take place through February 2023. The top identified candidates agree to meet with the Choose New Jersey team (either in-person or via Zoom) before a final decision is made. Once the vendor selection process has concluded, all candidates will be notified of the final decision. The completion and delivery dates of the project and its phases will be mutually agreed upon before signing a contract.

The proposal must contain the signature of a duly authorized officer or agent of the company submitting the proposal.

The price you quote should be inclusive. If your price excludes specific fees or charges, you must provide a detailed list of excluded expenses with a complete explanation of the nature of those fees. If the execution of work to be performed by your company requires the hiring of subcontractors, you must clearly state this in your proposal. Sub-contractors must be identified, and the work they will perform must be defined. In your proposal, please provide the name and address of the subcontractor. Choose New Jersey will not refuse a bid based upon the use of sub-contractors but retains the right to refuse the sub-contractors you have selected. Provisions of this RFP and the contents of the successful responses are considered available for inclusion in final contractual obligations.

rfp submissions

Proposers shall submit a complete, signed, electronic proposal in PDF format, which must be viewable by Choose New Jersey evaluators. The subject line of the RFP submission and any attachments must all be clearly labeled. The RFP electronic proposals must be uploaded using the form at the top of this page. To be considered for the award, the submission must be received by Choose New Jersey by February 6.

Each electronically uploaded file submission (proposal, attachment submittals, etc.) should follow the following format:

[Entity Name] – Bid Submission – 2022 RFP – Choose New Jersey Website Redesign

Proposals should address the following:

  • Describe your understanding of our current website challenges.
  • Summarize your proposed solution and how your solution will resolve our current website challenges.
  • Provide a summary of pricing for the proposed services and products.
  • Company Overview – Tell us about your company, your experience in web design and production for projects similar to ours, and any experience you may have working with clients in the economic development industry. Provide links to your agency website, online portfolios, and social media.
  • Team – Identify the team who will work on this project. Include the name, title/role, and brief background/experience of each. Include subcontractors if applicable.
  • References – Provide a list of three past clients who can serve as a reference to speak to services requested in this RFP. Please include contact information (name, title/role, email, phone number), a brief description of work, and a project URL for those clients.
  • Case Studies Please also include 2-3 case studies with your submission (can be the same as your references).
    • Before and After- If possible, please share documents showing images of websites before you redesigned them.
  • Pricing Breakdown – Based on the elements included in the project scope/website features and functionality section, tell us about your proposed solution in terms of creative design strategy, methodology, plan, and other essential aspects of the redesign process. Include all project phases and tasks, along with a line-item breakdown of costs. Please be sure to address the following:
    • Two quotes – one that includes the cost of website coding services and one without the cost of website coding services.
    • Project Management Tools – Your process for tracking and documenting project status.
    • Deliverables – Outline the products and services that will be delivered.
    • Schedule – Provide the suggested project schedule detailing the time required for each major step or phase.
    • User Training and Support – Provide details on the user training and support included for our Marketing team along with the training support format (i.e.: onsite/in-person, Zoom, email, phone-based, hard copy, other documentation, etc.).
    • Payment – Include any requirements or preferences regarding invoicing and payment.
    • Anything else deemed relevant/necessary to the vendor.
    • Include all terms and conditions.

Procedural inquiries may be directed to or (609) 297-2200.

NOTE: Any bids received after the date and time specified may not be considered.

RFP questions and answers

Please submit any questions about the website redesign proposal process to Ashlea Coulter at by January 18

Answers to all questions will be emailed to all candidates by January 26


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