Click on “Directions” on the above map to get Google Map directions to Choose New Jersey from your location.

Or, enter 155 Village Boulevard into a GPS device to travel to Forrestal Village. (Turn off GPS as you enter the development.)

After entering Forrestal Village via Village Boulevard, travel straight through the circle. At the next intersection, Rockingham Way will be on your right. (Salt Creek Grill will be to your left.) You will see a tan and green kiosk, and beyond that, a stairway. Choose New Jersey is located at the top of the stairs. (201 Rockingham Row)

In inclement weather, we suggest that you use the underground parking entrance just beyond Rockingham Way. In dry weather, please use the upper parking deck by travelling past the underground parking entrance and around the curve. Turn right at the next stop sign. Take the up ramp, turn right at the stop sign, and park at the far end of the lot. Go through the far right-hand walkway as you face the building. Our office entrance is located at the end of the walkway.

For further assistance, please call 609-297-2200. We’ll be happy to help you.

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