Gateway Tunnel project gets full-funding grant ($6.8B) from federal government

Tom Bergeron, ROI-NJ   |   June 13, 2024

It’s time to dig the tunnels. Finally.

The $16 billion Gateway Tunnel project received a $6.8 billion full-funding grant from the federal government Tuesday — a celebratory moment for those who have spent more than a decade working to secure the funding on the largest infrastructure project in U.S. history.

While work on major infrastructure updates on both sides of the Hudson River already has begun, this grant will begin the process of hiring crews to start the dig that will lead to two much-needed tunnels.

Gateway Development Commission CEO Kris Kolluri said the work could begin this year.

The project, which will make much-needed improvements to the two existing tunnels (which were built more than a century ago) while creating two more, aims to be completed by 2035.

While those involved were hopeful the final funding would be approved, there still was a sense of relief — and triumph — from all those involved.

“A promise 30 years in the making is close to being realized,” Kolluri told ROI-NJ. “With unmatched support from President (Joe) Biden, Majority Leader (Chuck) Schumer and Govs. (Phil) Murphy and (Kathy) Hochul, the Hudson Tunnel Project is essentially at a point of no return.

“With the final funding puzzle piece almost in place, we can now build the first heavy rail tunnel under the Hudson in more than a century.”

The agreement, between the Federal Transit Administration and Gateway Development Commission, is expected to be signed in the coming weeks.

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