Board & Supporters

The State’s top business leaders on the Board of Directors at Choose New Jersey, Inc. have provided significant support and contributions that have promoted economic development in New Jersey for the last 10 years. 

These extraordinary individuals represent New Jersey’s most important sectors, including life sciences, financial services, information technology, manufacturing, logistics, food, healthcare, labor unions, trade organizations and universities throughout the State.

From them, we are able to gain expert knowledge and a unique perspective about business community needs across New Jersey. The power, influence and breadth of our members’ advocacy not only captures their audiences’ attention, but also stimulates participation by others to encourage and nurture economic growth throughout New Jersey.

It is the strength of our Board that gives Choose New Jersey standing as New Jersey’s leading economic development organization.

We are so grateful for their collaboration, guidance and support.


Chief Operating Officer, PSEG
vice chairman
President & Chief Executive Officer
President & CEO
President and Chief Executive Officer
Colin Newman
VP of Global Public Policy at Audible
Adam Davis
Chief Commercial Officer
Vice President & Eastern Regional Manager
Dan Lynch
Vice President, Media & Partnerships
Co-Founder & Managing Principal
Linda Bowden
New Jersey Regional President
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ North America
Executive Vice President, North America Commercial
Monica Slater Stokes
Managing Director, Corporate & Government Affairs


Education Advocates

Director, Corporate Engagement & Foundation Relations
Executive Director, Economic Development and Innovation and Associate Director, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station


Relocation & Expansion Services

We provide customized RFI responses, demographics, detailed market assessments and other complimentary business relocation and expansion services. When your company chooses to grow in New Jersey, we also will help you publicize your good news.

Site Visits

We’ll make your property search seamless, so you find the site that best meets your relocation or expansion needs.

Economic Development Connections

Our public and private partners provide a wide range of services. From higher education research collaboration to regulatory and legal assistance to workforce training, they’ll ensure you have a smooth landing.

Jose Lozano
President & Chief Executive Officer
Mariel Meskunas
Chief of Staff