New Jersey Welcomes All

New Jersey may be the 4th smallest state, but it’s home to the densest population in the United States. We are mighty in number, and multiculturalism is a part of our ethos. Home to 225 foreign company headquarters, New Jersey welcomes international investment.

Residing in New Jersey’s waters, the Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of our immigrant past and present. With a history of embracing diversity, New Jersey proudly boasts the third-largest population of foreign-born residents in the nation. One-third of all New Jersey business owners are foreign-born, with almost half of “Main Street” businesses owned by immigrants.

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# 0
K-12 Foreign Language Enrollment

Source: American Councils, June 2017

# 0
Most Culturally Diverse U.S.City

Jersey City

Source: WalletHub, April 2019

# 0
Most Diverse U.S. State

Source: WalletHub, September 2019

Diversity Drives Economic Growth

New Jersey has the diverse talent needed to compete in a global marketplace. We know that from different backgrounds come new ideas that spur innovation.

WalletHub’s “Economic Impact of Immigration by State” 2020 study ranks New Jersey #3 overall. We placed #1 for immigrant workforce and #4 for brain gain and innovation categories. New Jersey is home to the highest percentage of jobs generated by immigrant-owned business and the highest percent of foreign-born STEM workers.

New Jersey’s top-ranked public school system ensures our students have a globalized, inclusive education. Our K-12 schools rank #1 in the U.S. for enrollment in foreign language classes. New Jersey is the second state, after California, to require public schools to adopt an LGBTQ and disability inclusive history curriculum.

Our higher education institutions also reflect our multicultural population. Rutgers University – Newark is ranked among the top 5 most ethnically diverse university campuses in the U.S.

New Jersey aims to be a national leader for equity and sustainability in economic development. Our State supports women-owned businesses and minority entrepreneurs with small business programs. The New Jersey EDA has expanded the Angel Investor Tax Credit program to include diversity incentives. The Film and Digital Media Tax Credit also includes a 2% diversity bonus.

At Home in New Jersey

New Jersey’s diversity makes it a great place to live, work and play. Our inclusive communities are the lifeblood of our thriving cities and downtowns. We celebrate different cultures, languages, and traditions with art, music and food.

The New Jersey food scene is influenced by our rich immigrant history. Find the best Japanese cuisine in Fort Lee, Italian in Atlantic City, Portuguese in Newark’s Ironbound, Korean in Palisades Park, Turkish in South Paterson or Cuban along the “Havana on the Hudson.”

New Jersey is home to many ethnic enclaves, including the largest Indian business hub in the U.S. Proud of our religious diversity, only in New Jersey will you find the world’s largest Hindu temple.

We embrace businesses, ideas and communities that move us forward. Discover why so many call New Jersey home.


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