New Jersey students earn 3rd most in the U.S. after graduation, report says

Earning a degree and the cost that comes along with that has grown exponentially over the past few decades.

But if you’re planning to earn that degree at a public college in New Jersey, you’re in luck, as the state was ranked No. 3 by Volusion where students earn the most after graduation.

Volusion researchers analyzed data of 500+ public colleges from the U.S. Department of Education. The researchers ranked schools based on the median annual earnings of its employed undergraduate students six years after starting school. Institutions were then categorized by size. Among those analyzed, the most common high-paying degrees were in engineering, computer science, business and nursing.

The analysis found that graduates of public colleges in New Jersey earn a median salary of $41,489, pay in-state tuition and fees of $13,376 and out-of-state of $24,244, and have $17,417 in debt after graduation. In comparison, the nation’s median annual earnings after graduation are $36,736, in-state fees of $9,701 and out-of-state of $23,718, and have $15,045 in debt after graduation.

Here are the mid-sized public colleges where students earned the most after graduation in New Jersey (Top 15):

4. New Jersey Institute of Technology, $53,600;
6. The College of New Jersey, $49,200;
9. Thomas Edison State University, $46,200.

And the large (Top 15):

14. Rutgers University-New Brunswick, $44,300.

Graduates from public universities with higher tuitions tended to have slightly higher salaries, the report said.

To see the full lists, information and methodology, click here.

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