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The stretch of Oak Tree Road that runs through the towns of Edison and Iselin may be referred to as “Little India,” and the Borough of Fort Lee may be home to its own “Little Korea,” but there is nothing small about New Jersey’s reputation as a premier destination for immigrants and businesses from across the globe. Home to 14 Fortune 500 companies, New Jersey boasts a strategic location, skilled workforce, diverse industries, and rich cultural ties to Europe, Southeast Asia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and India that make it a natural destination for foreign investors looking to expand into the U.S. market.

Numerous international companies, such as BASF, Samsung, Applegreen, Subaru, LG, Tata, and Siemens, have chosen New Jersey as their base of operations in the United States, benefiting from the State’s strategic location, talented workforce, and robust business environment.

Expanding Our Global Network

Recognizing the importance of foreign direct investment to New Jersey’s economic growth, job creation, and enhanced global competitiveness, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, the state’s Economic Development Authority (NJEDA), and Choose New Jersey have made global outreach a cornerstone of our economic development efforts. Just last month, we officially opened the New Jersey Asia Pacific Center in Taipei, Taiwan, which serves the entire Asia Pacific region and is intended to strengthen economic and cultural ties, create new opportunities, and foster collaboration that benefits both New Jersey and our East Asian partners, specifically in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Mainland China.

The Center is Choose New Jersey’s fifth international office, joining business attraction centers in Germany, India, Israel, and Ireland that have given a tremendous boost to New Jersey’s global business attraction efforts. The New Jersey Europe Center, for instance, has witnessed a remarkable 130% increase in European companies looking to open offices in New Jersey since 2018. The India Center and associated trade missions have led to a staggering 1,745% increase in Indian companies expressing interest in the State. Israeli companies interested in establishing a presence in New Jersey increased by 230%. The Ireland Center saw a 400% increase in companies interested in New Jersey, and since the October 2023 economic mission to East Asia, we’ve seen an 845% increase in Asian companies looking to expand to New Jersey.

NJEDA Global Economic Index

Choose New Jersey’s decision to open international offices in certain key markets was validated by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s (NJEDA) recent report. In March, the NJEDA issued the New Jersey Global Economic Index, a report that highlights, ranks, and analyzes the sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) into New Jersey. The Index is built on several layers of data showing the strength of the State’s top international relationships — which this year included India, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea, and Japan — and clarifies that New Jersey is receiving substantial investment from every corner of the globe. The report, which will be released annually, aims to guide and further develop international business relationships with the State while bolstering New Jersey’s global economic development goals. 

Economic Strength from Diversity

New Jersey embraces the diversity of its population and welcomes the contributions of its new citizens and foreign-owned businesses to the rich cultural tapestry of our State. We also appreciate the tremendous impact immigrants have on New Jersey’s economic vitality. We’re the #1 ranked state in the United States for immigrant workforce, #1 for the percentage of jobs generated by immigrant-owned businesses, and we have the highest percentage of foreign-born workers in the country according to WalletHub. Immigrants form the backbone of many industries in the State, holding over 40% of jobs in healthcare support and computer and math fields and contributing significantly to manufacturing. New Jersey is also a hub for immigrant entrepreneurs, with one-third of all business owners in the State being foreign-born.

Thriving Multicultural Communities

Edison, Iselin, and Fort Lee are just a few examples of the thriving diaspora communities that define the New Jersey experience. Over 23% of New Jersey’s population is foreign-born, and over 150 languages are spoken in New Jersey homes. Our State is home to many ethnic enclaves, and we celebrate different cultures, languages, and traditions through art, music, and food. The vibrant New Jersey food scene is heavily influenced by our rich immigrant history. You will find the best Japanese cuisine in Fort Lee, Italian in Hoboken or Atlantic City, Portuguese in Newark’s Ironbound section, Korean in Palisades Park, Indian in Edison/Iselin, Turkish in South Paterson, and Cuban along “Havana on the Hudson.” The State’s rich cultural diversity enhances its appeal, providing a welcoming environment for international businesses and their employees.

As we continue to expand our international engagement, we are sending a clear message to the global community that New Jersey is the ideal location for global businesses, with our strategic location, thriving economy, innovative environment, skilled workforce, exceptional quality of life, and commitment to sustainability. This unique blend of business opportunity, innovation, and a welcoming lifestyle makes New Jersey the ideal place for international companies to invest, grow, and succeed.

Why New Jersey

Global Connectivity and Infrastructure

Foreign companies, both small and large, have a long history of finding success in New Jersey. The State’s advanced infrastructure supports efficient operations for businesses of all sizes. Our world-class transportation systems include Newark Liberty International Airport, The Port of New York and New Jersey, and the densest railroad network in the country, ensuring business operations are seamless, cost-effective, and connected to national and international markets. From New Jersey’s world-class logistics and distribution infrastructure to its highly skilled workforce, the State has it all for companies looking to reach the North American market:

  • #1 busiest regional airport system (EWR, JFK, and LGA) in the United States (Choose New Jersey Research)
  • 2,400+ nonstop domestic flights (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, includes EWR, JFK, LGA, and PHL)
  • 900+ nonstop international flights (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, includes EWR, JFK, LGA, and PHL)
  • #1 busiest seaport on the East Coast (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey)

Magnet for International Investment

New Jersey is an international gateway and has driven major FDI success. According to SelectUSA, in the last ten years, New Jersey has seen:

  • 292,500 jobs directly supported by majority foreign-owned affiliates
  • Number of projects in key industry sectors:
    • Software & IT Services (42)
    • Pharmaceuticals (34)
    • Business Services (27)
    • Food & Beverage (23)
    • Transportation and Warehousing (22)
    • Other industries (197)
  • Top sources of FDI in NJ:
    • United Kingdom (13%)
    • Germany (7%)
    • India (8%)
    • Japan (8%)
    • Switzerland (8%)

World Class Talent

  • #1 ranked university in the United States
  • The highest concentration of scientists and engineers per square mile in the United States
  • One of the top states for STEM degrees
  • #2 highest concentration of residents with bachelor’s degrees in the United States

Culturally Diverse and Welcoming

No state better symbolizes the racial and ethnic diversity that defines America than New Jersey. The Statue of Liberty, which stands proudly in New Jersey waters, is a constant reminder of the immigrants who defined our State’s history, as well as those who are building its future.

  • Ranked #4 most diverse state in the United States
  • Home to the nation’s most culturally diverse city, Jersey City
  • Boasts one of  the largest numbers of foreign-born residents in the United States
  • Ranked #1 for immigrant workforce, #1 for the percentage of jobs generated by immigrant-owned businesses, and #1 for percentage of foreign-born workers

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