Survey: Irish companies show preference for expanding to New Jersey

The ties between New Jersey and Ireland seem most prominent around St. Patrick’s Day (for good reason!), but the reality is that with 1.3 million residents claiming Irish ancestry, New Jersey boasts an especially close bond with the Emerald Isle all year long. To further solidify that bond, Choose New Jersey opened the New Jersey Ireland Center — which services the entire island — in 2022.

We recently asked 200 Irish business leaders what they were looking for in a location in the United States. The survey found that 67% of Irish business leaders would consider or strongly consider expanding to the United States.

Access to talent, connection to major markets, and quality of life for employees were the top assets companies considered when moving to the United States, followed by robust transportation, technological infrastructure, and an inclusive culture. New Jersey is situated in the heart of the country’s most impactful economic corridor, with unrivaled infrastructure to support commerce and one of the nation’s most diverse, educated, and skilled workforces. New Jersey also boasts a rich arts scene, plenty of sports venues, and a diverse food culture.

“The findings in this survey confirm what we already knew. There is broad interest among Irish companies in expanding to the United States and a desire to be in a state that offers everything New Jersey has: strong quality of life, shared values, an ideal location, and access to markets and technological infrastructure,” said Wesley Mathews, President and CEO of Choose New Jersey. “We are committed to Ireland and assisting Irish businesses as they seek to expand operations to North America. That is why we established the New Jersey Ireland Center in 2022, making New Jersey the only state in the nation with a permanent economic development presence in Ireland.”

New Jersey & The Emerald Isle

When considering all 50 states, Irish companies are finding what they need to succeed here in the State of New Jersey.

“From what we have seen and learned from Governor Phil Murphy’s visit to Ireland in 2022 and the subsequent establishment of the New Jersey Ireland Center, New Jersey is offering an attractive proposition for Irish businesses that want to grow abroad,” said Healy.

Of the business leaders surveyed, 79% had a favorable view of New Jersey, which outpaced favorable views of the United States overall (71%). And that rating improved when business leaders were presented with more information about what New Jersey had to offer. New Jersey’s business ecosystem, access to world-class research universities and talent, high quality of life, and the state’s top ranking for access to broadband were among the most favored assets New Jersey can offer Irish companies.  

“New Jersey has so much to offer Irish companies,” said Steve Lenox, Director of the New Jersey Ireland Center. “Since starting in this position, I have learned that a large part of the job is simply storytelling, something the Irish do so well. The survey results reiterate to us that when it comes to expansion across the Atlantic for these companies, New Jersey certainly has a compelling story to tell.”

“Ultimately, it’s critical that we consistently share information about New Jersey because it resonates with the Irish business community,” said Mike Reagan, Senior Vice President of CGI, a Choose New Jersey Board of Director, and Chair of the Business Development Committee. “Interest in Ireland, Irish arts, culture, and food is on full display in the Garden State.”

About the Survey

Publitics conducted an online survey of 200 Irish business leaders from March 7 to 14, 2023. The sample included executives and board members, with a majority representing companies with more than 500 employees.

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