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Comparing New Jersey and North Carolina for Business

Where can your business innovate for the future?

Are you looking to relocate or expand your business, or searching for the best place to start up? Both North Carolina and New Jersey present significant opportunities for growth. Both states are strategically located along the East Coast, yet New Jersey offers a stronger workforce, high quality education and a robust transportation infrastructure.  

If you’re debating whether New Jersey or North Carolina would be more lucrative for your business, Choose New Jersey has provided the following stats and rankings between the two states for your consideration.

Statistics and Rankings: New Jersey &
North Carolina

Innovation Rankings

wdt_ID Ranking New Jersey North Carolina
1 Public Schools¹ 1 33
2 Concentration of scientists and engineers² 1 13
3 Broadband Access³ 1 18
4 NAEP Reading⁴ 2 34
5 High School Graduation Rate⁴ 2 21
6 Concentration of employees working for FDI companies⁵ 3 6
7 Public Transit Usage⁶ 2 26
8 NAEP Math⁴ 4 24
9 College Readiness⁴ 5 17
10 Patents from 1976-2020⁷ 11 13
11 Minority Business Ownership⁸ 6 17
12 Advanced Credentials⁹ 7 23
13 Top Company HQs¹⁰ 12 24

Real Estate

wdt_ID Type New Jersey North Carolina
1 Class A Office Space¹¹ $36.78 (North), $30.44 (Central), $24.67 (South) $32.91 (Charlotte)
4 LAB Space¹² $22.28 (Statewide) $23.21 (Raleigh –Durham)
5 FLEX Space¹³ $13.39 (Statewide) $11.63 (Statewide)
6 Industrial Space¹⁴ $6.77 (North), $7.43 (Central), $6.18 (South) $4.80 (Charlotte)

General Stats

wdt_ID Stat New Jersey North Carolina
1 % of GDP¹⁵ 3% 4%
2 Population¹⁶ 8,882,190 12,801,989
3 Square Mileage¹⁷ 8,722 sq mi. 46,056 sq mi


wdt_ID Stats New Jersey North Carolina
11 Early Childhood Education¹⁸ 1 25
12 Raising a Child¹⁹ 1 18
13 Public Safety²⁰ 4 11
14 Air and Water Quality²¹ 5 19
15 Health Care²² 6 21
16 Economic Opportunity²³ 6 30
17 Diversity²⁴ 4 29
18 Economic Impact of Immigration²⁵ 3 14


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Welcome to New Jersey, The State of Innovation

New Jersey’s highly-educated workforce, robust infrastructure, and strategic East Coast location can take your business to the next level. We surpass our competitors in many key areas, including education, talent, diversity and quality of life. What’s more, we offer all the accessibility at a more affordable cost than other major metro areas like New York City, Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area. We invite you to discover all the possibilities of a New Jersey location:

  • Hire from the highest concentration of scientists and engineers per square mile in the U.S.
  • Reach 40% of the U.S. population within a day’s drive from anywhere in the State
  • Find a new home here as the #1 state to raise children with the #1 public school system in the U.S.
  • Partner with top higher education institutions including the #1 university in the U.S. for 9 consecutive years — Princeton University
  • Feel welcomed within our vibrant multicultural communities. New Jersey is proud of our immigrant history as 4th most diverse state in the nation with a 45% minority population.
  • Plug into most connected state in the U.S. with leading broadband access

New Jersey’s Key Industries:

New Jersey’s highly-diverse communities make it a great place to live, work and play. New Jersey also offers remarkable economic opportunity, quality of life, and workforce sustainability. We urge companies in the following industries to learn more about what New Jersey has to offer:

  • Financial Services
  • Fintech
  • Clean Energy
  • Logistics
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Film and Digital Media
  • Life Sciences
  • Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Biotechnology
  • Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Food Innovation

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