Big week for tech and N.J.: Announcements of HAX, Fiserv show growing momentum

The question of whether New Jersey can attract some of the most innovative tech companies to the state was answered in one big week.

HAX, the globally known accelerator of SOSV, announced it is going to establish its U.S. headquarters in Newark. And Fiserv, a Fortune 500 company based in Wisconsin, is seeking an EDA award in an effort to bring 3,000 high-paying jobs to a location in Berkeley Heights.

The only question remaining: Which of the two big tech announcements is better?

Aaron Price, the CEO of TechUnited: New Jersey and founder of the Propelify Festival, just laughs at the no-wrong-answer question.

“They are both huge,” he said.

More than that, they are vindications for people such as Price, who have spent years saying this could happen — that New Jersey could regain its spot as the leader of the innovation economy, something it had during the glory days of Bell Labs and all the way back to Thomas Edison’s lab in Menlo Park.

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