Brookdale to build $2.5M Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity

Brookdale Community College announced Monday that it will build a $2.5 million Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity Education — an effort that will enable the school to expand its cybersecurity and related technical education offerings and programs.

Brookdale, a leader in cybersecurity education, is one of New Jersey’s two community colleges to hold the NSA/Department of Homeland Security designation as a National Center of Excellence in Cyber Defense Education. This distinction demonstrates Brookdale’s rigorous academic program in cybersecurity and its real-world experience in preparing students for careers in a high-growth industry.

Brookdale will combine a $1,937,711 grant it recently received from the state through the County College Career and Technical Education Program Expansion with a $645,903 match from the school to pay for the center.

Brookdale plans to offer a new associate degree program that includes the existing cybersecurity offerings plus five added college certificates, including cybersecurity management (industry credential CSSIP) and cybersecurity auditor.

Michael Quissaunee, professor of engineering and technology at Brookdale, said the new certificates will be available for Fall 2022.

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