Choose New Jersey Concludes Fourth Economic Mission Trip to Israel

Choose New Jersey, New Jersey’s leading nonprofit economic development organization, concluded a fourth successful economic mission trip to Israel last week, further strengthening the longstanding relationship between New Jersey and Israel. 

(Newark, New Jersey) – Choose New Jersey concluded a fourth successful economic mission trip to Israel last week, further strengthening the longstanding relationship between New Jersey and Israel. During the trip, the New Jersey delegation participated in Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Letter of Intent (LOI) signings that will help bolster economic ties, cultivate further investment opportunities, and deepen cultural connections between New Jersey and Israel. 

“New Jersey and Israel have a truly special relationship, and Choose New Jersey was proud to lead another delegation to Israel to further strengthen ties and forge new partnerships,” said Jose Lozano, President & CEO, Choose New Jersey. “Our fourth consecutive trip to Israel was extremely successful, helping increase collaboration and advance research and innovation. New Jersey’s innovation economy is strong, and we look forward to building upon the progress that was made during this visit .”

New Jersey is the first state to bring a delegation to Israel since the COVID-19 pandemic. The trip, which took place from November 15 to 17, included visits to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The New Jersey business delegation included 17 members from organizations such as Choose New Jersey, New Jersey City University (NJCU), New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), New Jersey-Israel Commission and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The delegation held meetings with industry leaders and entrepreneurs – including representatives of logistics, life sciences, technology, financial services industries, among others – who are seeking growth opportunities in New Jersey. 

“Israel takes pride in seeing local leaders not only visit our country, but to push for meaningful collaborations that will help the people of New Jersey and Israel,” said Ambassador Asaf Zamir, Consul General of Israel in New York. “I hope the outcome of this trip by Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway and others will expand on our great relationship, which has seen many successful innovations over the years.”

Key moments of the mission trip include:

  • Rutgers University (RU) and Tel Aviv University (TAU) Sign MoU to form the Collaborative Research Grant program: Rutgers University (RU) and Tel Aviv University (TAU) signed a MoU that will increase collaboration between the two research universities. TAU will also establish a presence at The Hub, a center of innovation, research, and medical education in New Brunswick, NJ. The MoU was signed in Tel Aviv, Israel by Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway and Tel Aviv University President Ariel Porat. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy joined the ceremony virtually.
  • New Jersey City University (NJCU) and the Port of Ashdod, Israel Sign LOI: NJCU and the Port of Ashdod signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) that will advance innovation, economic development and international education between the two organizations. As the largest port in Israel, Ashdod Port has a program for maritime startup companies. The LOI signing will help bring these startup companies to NJCU for potential pilot programs and other opportunities at ports in New Jersey. The LOI was signed at the Port of Ashdod in Israel on Monday, November 15 by the following: Orna Hozman-Bechor, Ashdod Port Chairwoman; Shiko Zana, CEO of Ashdod Port; and Dr. Sue Henderson, President, NJCU. 
  • SOSA Meeting with Clalit Innovation & Startup Presentation: Choose New Jersey met with SOSA member companies, and participated in a discussion with Clalit Innovation and university partners to discuss innovation in New Jersey. SOSA is the leading global innovation platform connecting corporations, governments and cities to innovative technologies and ecosystems in the areas of cybersecurity, fintech, digital health and more. Clalit Innovation is the largest healthcare organization in Israel, and a global leader in implementing innovative strategies to tackle chronic illness. 
  • Israel Export Institute Food Tech Roundtable: Choose New Jersey and Rutgers University’s Office for Research met with Israeli food and food tech companies to discuss New Jersey’s innovation ecosystem and investment opportunities. The event was hosted by the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, the premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies.
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals Forum: Choose New Jersey met with Teva Pharmaceuticals to discuss New Jersey and the opportunities it offers international companies expanding to the United States. Teva Pharmaceuticals, a leading global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Israel, has a global product portfolio of more than 1,800 molecules and a direct presence in 60 countries. In 2018, Governor Murphy announced that Choose New Jersey board member Teva Pharmaceuticals USA chose Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ to locate its headquarters, supporting more than 1,000 jobs including the transfer and creation of more than 800 positions.
  • Cross River Bank Roundtable: Choose New Jersey board member Cross River hosted a roundtable and networking reception to further strengthen their long-standing partnership with the State of New Jersey and discuss opportunities for Israeli companies looking to expand in the U.S. Cross River, a fast-growing financial services leader, announced the grand opening of its Fort Lee headquarters in April 2021. Since its founding in New Jersey in 2008, the company has grown to over 520 team members and plans to hire 100 more by the end of 2021.
  • Ben-Gurion University (BGU) Meeting and Tour: The Choose New Jersey delegation received a tour of Advanced Technology Park and discussed partnership opportunities with BGU. In March, BGU and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) announced a partnership that will create a world-class Institute for Future Technologies in New Jersey, offering dual degrees and new research opportunities. 
  • EY Business Roundtable: Choose New Jersey participated in a roundtable with Choose New Jersey board member EY and Rutgers University President Dr. Jonathan Holloway to discuss New Jersey’s life sciences and technology sectors. New Jersey’s innovation ecosystem is home to a high density of early-stage and established life sciences and technology companies and has attracted Israeli companies looking to be part of a thriving business community. 

Nicknamed the “State of Innovation” and the “Startup Nation,” New Jersey and Israel both share a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Home to the fourth largest Israel-born population and the fourth largest population of Israeli ancestry in the United States, New Jersey has longstanding ties to Israel. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the level of trade with Israel rose to a record level from 2019 to 2020, reaching the $1.33 billion mark. 

This trip builds upon the foundation that was started during Governor Murphy’s first trip to Israel in 2018 with the New Jersey delegation. Over the past four years, Choose New Jersey has seen an increased interest in business attraction from Israel. Choose New Jersey has played an integral role in attracting Israeli companies to New Jersey including HackerU and Kafrit Industries, among others.

To learn more about Choose New Jersey’s economic mission trip, you can download photos here, as well as view activity from the trip on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram with the hashtag #NJIsraelMission.


“Cross River has—and continues to be—successful on both sides of the ocean as a result of the support of our home state of New Jersey, and we encourage others to expand and further solidify this historic bridge. Israel is a state of innovation that possesses a culture infused with a forward-thinking mentality and strong workforce and plays a critical role in the fintech revolution. We’re committed to taking an even greater role in the development of Jerusalem because when jobs are created in Israel, it grows Cross River in New Jersey and the greater fintech ecosystem.” – Phil Goldfeder, SVP Global Public Affairs at Cross River

“Israel and New Jersey maintain close ties in multiple areas, with strong economic ties that are getting even stronger. The New Jersey delegation that visited Israel is a testament to the state’s lasting commitment to further expand and deepen the relationship. Often compared to Israel in the context of its size, New Jersey is also home to many Israelis as well as to a growing number of Israeli companies. Our office is proud to work closely with New Jersey officials and the private sector in multiple areas such as cyber security, healthcare, aviation, construction technologies, FoodTech and more. We look forward to expanding the ties and facilitating more business opportunities between New Jersey and Israeli based companies.” – Anat Katz, Economic Minister to North America, Israel Economic Mission to the USA – East Coast

“The signing of the LOI with the Port of Ashdod further expands our international footprint by formalizing collaboration with our institution, the State of New Jersey and the nation of Israel at a time where critical conversations are being had on issues related to sustainability, climate change, and supply management. I am delighted that this unique partnership will further innovation with our NJCU School of Business and the Guarini Institute for International Education and Economic Mobility. This is yet another milestone in the continuation of our successful global initiative projects.” – Sue Henderson, Ph.D., President of New Jersey City University (NJCU)

“Recent disruptions to the global supply chain have focused attention on the need to modernize and strengthen the logistics of global trade. By drawing upon the NJCU School of Business’ expertise in Supply Chain, Logistics and Maritime Port Management and our Guarini Institute’s skill in fostering international exchanges, this groundbreaking agreement with the Port of Ashdod will facilitate the creation of academic programs, economic development, and ‘smart port’ initiatives that will support businesses and job creation both in the State of New Jersey and in the State of Israel.” – Dr. Bernard McSherry, Founding Dean, New Jersey City University (NJCU) School of Business

“Innovation is an integral part of both New Jersey and Israel’s story. Throughout this trip, our business delegation showcased the significant opportunities New Jersey’s innovation ecosystem offers Israeli companies looking to expand to the U.S. The New Jersey Innovation Institute is dedicated to delivering solutions that will advance our economy, and we look forward to working with Israeli companies to help them expand their presence to New Jersey.” – Simon Nynens, CEO, New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII)

“Choose New Jersey and the New Jersey Israel Commission are delivering on Governor Murphy’s promise to build stronger relationships and business partnerships in Israel. Thanks to the hard work, collaboration and partnerships we have developed over the past several years, cutting-edge Israeli businesses have expanded to New Jersey.  We look forward to continued progress in 2022 from this latest mission trip to Israel.” – Karin Elkis, Co-Chair of the New Jersey Israel Commission

“The tangible successes and highly positive outcomes from this mission is a direct result of the hard work and investment of time and resources into the New Jersey-Israel relationship over the last several years by Governor Murphy and the talented Choose NJ team. From the Rutgers-Tel Aviv University MOU signing to the NJCU-Port of Ashdod letter of intent to the Ben Gurion University meetings (which are an outgrowth of the NJIT-Ben Gurion University partnership announced earlier this year) to the planned increase in NJ employees by both Teva and Cross River Bank, this all stems from the tremendous long term cooperation and work and personal relationships developed on both the Israel and New Jersey sides, building on the complementary talents, skills and values of the two states. As Co-Chair of the New Jersey Israel Commission, which is focused on strengthening and expanding the economic, educational and cultural relationship and ties between New Jersey and Israel, I couldn’t be more proud.” – Mark Levenson, Co-Chair of the New Jersey Israel Commission, and a participant on three Choose New Jersey trips to Israel, including the Governor’s 2018 trip

“This successful mission shows once again that not only is New Jersey leading across the nation in its relationship with Israel, but that we are delivering historic achievements that are advancing our state’s economy. I am extremely proud of these new agreements and the innovative future we are creating on both sides of the Atlantic together with our Israeli friends.” – Andrew Gross, Executive Director of the New Jersey-Israel Commission

“I traveled to Tel Aviv to sign this memorandum of understanding in person because this is an important initiative that reflects Rutgers’ commitment to excellence and our recognition that there is no limit to the power of partnerships. Our growing partnership will advance educational and scientific exchanges that will not only benefit our students and faculty but our local economies and the people in our communities.” – Dr. Jonathan Holloway, President of Rutgers University

“As a research university and The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers is committed to building and sustaining collaborative academic and research partnerships that will strengthen our innovation ecosystem. Participating in the engaging roundtable discussions held on food science, biopharmaceutical, and technology industries, as well as the signing of the MOU with our close colleagues at Tel Aviv University, provide pathways for a collaborative exchange of ideas and productive research that will benefit our faculty, students, New Jersey and the entire world.” – Vincent Smeraglia, J.D., Executive Director of Strategic Alliances at Rutgers Office for Research


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