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Head of HAX office in Newark: ‘We’re here to get things done’

Tom Bergeron | ROI-NJ

HAX made a big splash last month when it announced it was making Newark the hub of the global accelerator — and committing to supporting 100 hard-tech companies in an effort to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

But what kind of companies is it looking to help grow?

Garrett Winther, who will lead the Newark office along with Duncan Turner, explained it this way:

“We’re early-stage investors,” he said. “We’d like to show up in places that people aren’t looking. And then, five years later, people say, ‘Oh, yeah, you guys were right.’”

Winther said HAX, which is part of SOSV, has a pretty good track record.

“We were pretty far ahead on meat made without meat,” he said. “And cryptocurrency was one of our biggest investments, one we made a long time ago, when people weren’t talking about it.”

Now, the group is looking to get ahead of the next big thing: On-shore high-tech, hard-tech manufacturing to help with supply chain issues.

“Everyone’s talking about it,” he said. “Every corporation in the entire country right now is saying, ‘We need to rethink our global supply chains.’

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