SciTech Scity: ‘A place where you can see the future’

Paul Hoffman is more than just the CEO of the Liberty Science Center and one of the foremost minds on all things STEM in the country.

He’s a fabulous storyteller, too.

Anyone who has ever heard Hoffman, in his trademark T-shirt and sneakers, wow a crowd from behind a lectern is nodding their head.

Friday, in the LSC parking lot, and on the edge of the lot that will become the transformative SciTech Scity, Hoffman put the potential of the entity in full perspective with a simple tale.

“I’m going to date myself, but I went the 1964 World’s Fair (in New York City), where I tried the AT&T video phone,” he told the crowd.

It was a “Jetsons”-like dream then, but a reality today.

“We used a form of that everyday during the pandemic,” he said. “That changed the world.”

In that one quick quip, Hoffman summed up the essence of the $300 million project.

“We want a place where you can come and see the future,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman was spinning the tale that Gov. Phil Murphy has been touting since he was candidate Murphy.

The goal, Murphy always has said, is to build an innovative economy in New Jersey — something the state obviously has a long history of doing.

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